At Explicit Movement we equip parents, leaders and youth with relevant, faith-based resources to start conversations about sex and sexuality from a godly perspective, truthfully and without shame.
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The Stakes: A Generation Alone…

Hates his porn addiction, ashamed – doesn’t know how to ask for help…

Being groomed by the pimp – he’s the only one telling her how valuable she is…

Parents at a loss on how to guide their teenagers…

Confused when schools, government, and media insist that he isn’t really born with a gender and pushes him to become sexualized at an early age…

Wants God’s design for relationships; teachers assume all teenagers are watching and participating in sex outside of marriage…

They need help!

You don’t have to sit helplessly

on the sidelines and watch as:

  • Families at the mercy of the overwhelming onslaught of sexual immorality -Sexual abuse, sex-trafficking and pornography addiction soar
  • Teenagers indoctrinated into hyper sexualized dating culture
  • Young people report confusion and depression caused by LGBT issues -Family unit begins to disintegrate, undermining of the fabric of our society

You can make a difference!

Don’t leave those young people alone

Together with we can help. Make a meaningful difference with your influence and investment:

  • Clear the obstacles that cause people to stumble and lose sight of God’s design for their lives
  • Provide globally accessible resources for Christians to get guidance, insight and clarity in the areas of sex and sexuality from a biblical perspective
  • Reshape the culture in which you live by bringing God’s compassion, truth and restoration

Your contribution impacts your home, your church, your community….your generation.

In 2020, Explicit Movement brought you:

  • Family Tech Game Plan Workshop with Dean Kaneshiro -Young Adult (In-Person) Conference: Relationships
  • 19 Weeks of FREE Zoom Workshops – for parents, young adults, leaders, pastors, educators and missionaries
  • 6 online courses with over 70 lessons including topics such as
    • Sex Trafficking Awareness
    • LGBT issues
    • Dating & Relationships God’s Way Your Identity of Creativity
    • Sexual Abuse Awareness and Healing
  • Social Media Presence: We also continue to post tips and encouragements every week on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube
  • Explicit Connect: Our Executive Director, Michele Okimura, has weekly live-stream chats designed to build community and address specific issues our members have asked about.
  • Explicit Force: A small group of high school students who meet to discuss and address the pressures and influence of a sexualized culture in their schools.
  • Our first graphics design contest for teens

All this takes time, resources and people – so thank you for your support!

We would LOVE if you would become a monthly donor,

but if you prefer a one time gift is also greatly appreciated!

  • $25/month (or $300 gift) – Free 21 Day Journal: Embark on a journey into the heart of God. Discover a place of healing, rest & honor Befriend the 19 authors who share inspiring messages
  • $50/month (or $600 gift) – 1 year of free access to THREE of our online learning courses on Thinkific
  • $100/month (or $1200 gift)-Free 21 Day Journal plus 1 year access to all of our online learning courses on Thinkific including upcoming courses for Parents
  • Patrons donating $5000+ Will receive our most popular Limited Edition Explicit Movement light-weight Camouflage Jacket
    plus 1 year access to all of our online learning courses on Thinkific including upcoming courses for Parents